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Hello, and welcome to my web site!  My name is Lisa, and I have created all the web sites you see on this site.  My background is advertising, PR and marketing, all of which give me a unique perspective when creating web sites for clients.  If you have already had a look at some of my web sites, you are probably interested now in knowing what sort of person you will be dealing with.

Collingham Band web site

So if you are looking for a web site on behalf of a business, society, charity or yourself, please do get in touch, with no obligation.  If you like the sites I have created already, then I'm sure you will like the site I will design and build for you - and just as importantly, so will your visitors and search engines such as Google.

The main thing I can tell you about myself is that I have two passions in life - one is creating web sites and the other is connected with music in a number of different ways, from playing the clarinet and piano, to membership of a wind band, to organising musical events.  My various music activities have led to my being asked to create some of the web sites you see dotted around this site, but I also very much enjoy the variety of creating web sites for many different types of organisations, as diverse as tradespeople, charities, commercial or industrial companies, professional services and online retailers.


Web site for Mike Rodgers, piano teacher, Leeds

Collingham Band

Community wind band

Mike Rodgers

Piano teacher, accompanist, organist

Do contact me NOW whilst it's fresh in your mind!   I look forward to hearing from you.

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